Ray-Ban 10k Gold Filled Kalichrome Bullet Hole Shooter Sunglasses

1 Vintage B&L
Ray-Ban 10k gold filled bullet hole Kalichrome shooters feature the amazing Bausch & Lomb Kalichrome C yellow hunting and shooting lens and a 10k gold filled B&L frame. The precision ground
and highly polished glass B&L Kalichrome C lens is a yellow high
contrast lens free of waves or any other defects that could distort
vision or cause eye strain. The B&L Kalichrome lenses are
famous worldwide for their ability to intensify and enhance the
visual spectrum, and sporting enthusiasts and pilots everywhere
swear by these glasses when in difficult visibility situations.
If you’ve never worn a pair of Ray-Ban Kalichrome yellow lens
sunglasses then you won’t realize how much visual acuity is enhanced in any light situation, unsurpassed by any other optical
quality sunglasses lens. The B&L Kalichrome lens actually
intensifies light and increases contrast, not to mention they
look cool. The bullet hole shooter style is similar to the aviator but sits
a bit higher up on the face, and the area between the lenses is
smaller and separated by the circular ring that aficionados call
the bullet hole. These vintage Ray-Ban Kalichrome
shooters have cable temples to provide a secure
fit for an active lifestyle. The yellow
Kalichrome lenses measure approximately 2.375" x 2.0"
at the widest points, and the frame measures approximately 5.25"
temple to temple. The top of the nose bridge is marked Ray-Ban B&L 1/20 10k GF impressed in the
gold plated metal, part of an amazing collection of vintage Ray-Bans from Kansas City, MO.

B&L Ray-Ban Marcellina Cat Eye Sunglasses

Rare Bausch & Lomb Ray-Ban
pearlized Marcellina women’s cat eye sunglasses c 1950s combine the lovely and shimmering pearl color with vintage Bausch & Lomb green glass
lenses for a great, cat-like effect guaranteed to make you
purr! The elongated frame shape really accentuates the cat eye lenses, and metal studs at the 2 front corners add a final
design flourish. One of the ear stems is marked B&L Ray-Ban USA and the other stem is marked Marcellina, all impressed
in the frame. The frame measures approximately 6.875" temple to temple including the elongated wrap and the lenses measure approximately
2.0" x 1.125" at the widest points, part of a Miami Beach, FL estate trove
of unique vintage eyewear.

Ray-Ban 58mm G-15 Aviator Sunglasses

1 Classic vintage B&L Ray-Ban 58mm aviator sunglasses are the iconic Bausch & Lomb aviators c 1980s, featuring gold plated frame and B&L G-15 anti-glare lenses perfect for all light conditions.Originally designed for the US military, classic B&L Ray-Ban aviators
were designed with an extremely light frame weighing only about 150 grams of 24k gold-plated metal along with the G-15 mineral glass lenses to filter out 100% of infrared and ultraviolet
rays. The 58mm G-15 aviator lenses are nicely shaped and sized to provide full coverage to the eye
yet sit comfortably on the face, measuring approximately 2.25" x 1.875" at the widest
points. The frame measures approximately 5.25" temple
to temple and is marked B&L Ray-Ban USA on top of the nose bridge and marked B&L Ray-Ban 58 [ ] 14 on the bottom of the bridge, all impressed in the gold plating. The right lens is laser etched Ray-Ban, and both lenses are laser etched BL near the hinge points, part of a retired Air Force officer’s collection in Sarasota, Florida.

Ray-Ban W0365 Clubmaster Sunglasses

1 Super cool B&L Ray-Ban Clubmaster
W0365 vintage sunglasses are a classic, and you’ve probably seen Jack Nicholson and other celebrities wearing these vintage Ray-Ban Clubmaster sunglasses. The Ray-Ban G-15 lenses look great with the gold and black of this iconic sunglass frame, and the right lens is laser etched Ray-Ban while both lenses are laser etched BL near the hinges. The nose bridge and the bottom edge of the
sunglasses are all plated in gold, while black ebony top accents and
ear stems are the perfect complement to the G-15 lenses which provide
superior brightness control, true color rendering, and 100% UV protection.
The lenses measure aproximately 2.0" x 1.75" at the
widest points, and the frame measures approximately 5.5" temple to temple. The back of the nose bridge is marked B&L Ray-Ban USA impressed in the gold plating, and one ear stem
is marked Bausch & Lomb Ray-Ban USA while the inside of the other
stem is marked W0365. These vintage Clubmaster B&L Ray-Ban sunglasses
look great
with a variety of formal and informal clothing styles, part of the collection of a retired computer industry executive in Palo Alto, CA.
You may also want to check out the identical Ray-Ban W1115 at item 168, part of the Bausch & Lomb evolution of model numbers for classic Clubmaster sunglasses.

Ray-Ban 58mm and 62mm Leathers G-15 Sunglasses

1 Ray-Ban made many great styles
of sunglasses while part of Bausch & Lomb and before being sold to
Luxottica in 1999, but we don’t like any style better than classic
and vintage B&L Ray-Ban Leathers sunglasses. Always popular and unique,
it’s a sunglasses design that you just don’t see from any other manufacturer
than Ray-Ban. The teardrop shaped lens and aviator frame are wrapped
in leather, in this case a dark brown leather with black (on the front)
and tan (on the ear pads) stitching that covers the front of the glasses
as well as the ear pads. The gold plated frame is of typically high
Ray-Ban quality, and the Leather aviators use the classic aviator
design of a double gold nose bridge, the top of one covered in leather,
in between the B&L Ray-Ban G-15 lens. The contrast of the gold
plated metal with the leather is quite striking, and trust us (we
all tried them on) they look great on the face and, in the case of
our staff, was universally agreed to make us look much better than
we really do. The G-15 lens both have the inscribed BL logo etched
in the glass near the hinge points and measure approximately 2.25"
x 2.0" at the widest points, and the right lens also has the inscribed
Ray-Ban logo. The bottom of the top nose bridge that’s leather covered
on the top is marked underneath B&L Ray-Ban USA 58 [] 14 impressed
in the metal. It’s a unique, one of a kind look plus great UV eye
protection with the vintage Bausch & Lomb lens.

Ray-Ban 10k GO Double Gradient Mirror Caravan Sunglasses

Vintage Ray-Ban 10k GO Caravan sunglasses were very early production of this iconic style c 1950s / 1960s, with the early 10k gold overlay frame and highly reflective Bausch & Lomb double gradient mirror lenses. The Caravan style has stood the test of time for good reason, for the classic shape and moderate size makes them well suited for a variety of face sizes and shapes. The unisex Ray-Ban 10k gold overlay frame measures approximately 5.125" temple to temple, and the double gradient mirror mineral glass lenses measure approximately 2.0" x 1.675" at the widest points. The top of the nose bridge is impressed B&L Ray-Ban USA while the bottom of the bridge is impressed B&L 1/30 10k GO USA, part of the collection of a European business executive and long time customer of the Vintage Sunglasses Shop.

Ray-Ban 10k Gold Filled Aviator Shooter Sunglasses

The original classic! Early
B&L Ray-Ban 10k gold filled aviator shooter sunglasses c 1950s
– 1960s is the real retro style everyone is looking for today in the
original Bausch & Lomb interpretation of aviator sunglasses that
date back to the mid 1930s. These are a nice size for men and women,
measuring approximately 5.25" temple to temple and with lens
measuring 2.25" x 2.125" at the widest points. The 10k gold
filled frame means that these sunglasses will last for years and years,
and the 10k production dates to circa 1950s and 1960s. Another way
to date these sunglasses is the absence of the etched Ray-Ban logo
on the green lenses, something that B&L only began doing consistently
circa early 1960s. These vintage Ray-Ban aviator sunglasses also have
the wire shooter ear stems that give you a particularly flexible and
secure fit that comes in handy for active outdoor pursuits. Bausch
& Lomb developed Ray-Ban aviator sunglasses specifically for pilots
in the late 1930s; pilots needed a good pair of anti glare sunglasses,
and the B&L Ray-Ban design satisfied this requirement perfectly.
The design was modeled directly from goggles being worn by the US
military at the time, still standard issue for military pilots worldwide.
When we have them for sale, it’s a rare opportunity to own a pair
of early gold filled aviator sunglasses with green pilot lens. These
vintage Ray-Ban 10k GF sunglasses are marked on the top of the nose
bridge B&L Ray-Ban U.S.A and under the nose bridge B&L 10k

Ray-Ban W1864 Classic Metals Blue Mirror Sunglasses

1 Vintage Ray-Ban W1864 Classic Metals sunglasses feature the beautiful Arista gold plated frame with its distinctive pinpoint etching, but the real stars of the show are the rare Bausch & Lomb blue mirror lenses that make the perfect color complement to the gleaming gold plating. Ray-Ban W1864 Classic Metals are also unique for the unusual rougly hexagonal lens shape of the front frame, sure to stand out in a crowd and look unlike anything else in the vicinity. The unisex Ray-Ban Classic Metals Arista gold frame measures approximately 5.0" temple to temple, and the blue mirror lenses measure approximately 1.875" x 1.675" at the widest points with right lens laser etched Ray-Ban both lenses laser etched BL near the hinges. The rear of the nose bridge is impressed B&L Ray-Ban USA and on some production one ear pad is impressed W1864 XRAS, direct from a Santa Monica, CA waterfront estate.

Ray-Ban W2178 Orbs Translucent Sunglasses

Vintage Ray-Ban W2178 Orbs sunglasses are a rare, low production variant of the iconic Ray-Ban Orbs sunglasses with a translucent front frame combined with matte silver ear stems and highly reflective B&L flash mirror lenses. Ray-Ban Orbs were one of the first high performance sports sunglasses introduced into the market, and one of their more distinctive design characteristics are the twisting metal ear stems with a cut out S – hard to manufacture but eye catching to look at. The unisex Ray-Ban Orbs frame measures approximately 5.675" temple to temple, and the oval Bausch & Lomb mineral glass lenses measure approximately 2.125" x 1.375" at the widest points with right lens laser etched Ray-Ban and both lenses laser etched BL near the hinges. You’ll find the Orbs logo impressed on one temple hinge, a very hard to find style of an iconic line of vintage Ray-Ban sunglasses.

Ray-ban 58mm and 62mm Ambermatic General Shooter Sunglasses

1 Rare vintage B&L Ray-Ban
58mm Ambermatic shooters feature the cable
wire outdoorsman ear stems for a secure fit and world famous B&L Ray-Ban Ambermatic
lenses. If you’ve ever worn a pair of Ambermatics, you’ll know why they’re
like candy for the eyes. Ambermatic lenses self-adjust to
any lighting situation you may encounter, getting darker in colder
temperatures to make them ideal lenses for the ski slopes or high
mountain trails and provide 100% UV protection
regardless of the lighting conditions. The 58mm lenses on these vintage Ambermatic shooter sunglasses measure approximately 2.25" x 1.875"
at the widest points and are laser etched BL near the hinges. The frame measures approximately
5.25" temple to temple and is marked B&L Ray-Ban USA on
top of the nose bridge and B&L Ray-Ban 58 [] 14 beneath the nose
bridge, all impressed in the gold plated B&L Ray-Ban frame.